Treatments & Charges Guide
Assessments and Oral Hygiene
Check up
New Patient Check-up
Digital X-Rays (each)
Full Mouth Digital X-Ray OPG
Hygienist Appointment (Patients Registered with our Dentists)
Hygienist Appointment (Patients Not Registered with our Dentists)
Tooth Extractions
Incisor/Canine Extraction
Premolar Extraction
Molar Extraction
Surgical Extraction
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Surgical Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Impacted Tooth Extraction
High Aesthetic White Composite Fillings
Root Canal Treatment (including temporary filling)
Incisor/Canine Tooth
Premolar Tooth
Molar Tooth
Composite Veneer
Porcelain Bonded Crown/Bridge Pontic
All Ceramic Veneer/Crown/Bridge Pontic/Inlay/Onlay
Gold Crown/Inlay/Onlay (alloy)
Orthodontic Treatment (Tooth Straightening) Cfast Smile Tru
Clinical Assessment with Predictive Digital 3D Set-Up
Cfast Clear Glide Digital Printed Brackets (Upper or Lower Jaw)
Cfast Clear Glide Digital Printed Brackets (Upper and Lower Jaw)
Cfast Smile Tru Clear Aligners for Central 6 Teeth (Canine to Canine) - 6 Aligners Per Jaw
Cfast Smile Tru Clear Aligners for Central 8 Teeth (2nd Premolar to 2nd Premolar) - 12 Aligners Per Jaw
Invisalign Invisible Aligners (Upper or Lower Jaw)
Invisalign Invisible Aligners (Upper and Lower Jaw)
Bonded Retainer (Per Jaw)
Removable Retainer (Per Jaw)
Hybrid Retainer (Per Jaw)
Teeth Whitening
Zoom Home Whitening
Zoom Home Whitening Top-Up
Zoom In-Surgery with Additional Take Home Kit
Per Jaw (Various Qualities)
Both Jaws (Various Qualities)
Valplast Flexible Comfort Denture (per jaw)
Chrome Denture Per Jaw
Chrome Denture Both Jaws
Facial Aesthetics
Facial Aesthetic Assessment
Muscle Relaxant Injection - 1 Area (including review appointment)
Muscle Relaxant Injection - 2 Areas (including review appointment)
Muscle Relaxant Injection - 3 Areas (including review appointment)
Dermal Fillers

Charges may vary slightly between our two clinics, and are subject to change without prior notice.
We will be pleased to e-mail, fax or post the relevant charges guide for each clinic on request.
Post registration forms together with the relevant current charges can be mailed on request.
All charges listed above were correct when last updated and may vary. E&OE
Complete lists of our charges are displayed at each clinic.

In order to keep your registration with the practice, you need to have had seen the dentist within 3 years as a minimum.

To be considered 'registered' patients need to have attended an appointment with one of our dentists within the last three years.
Patients not attending an appointment with a dentist in the past three years are noted as non-registered.

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