Periodontal Disease Treatments

Periodontitis is a disease which attacks the bone and tissue and causes a gap to widen between the gum tissue and the tooth. This causes a weakening of the gums and the formation of open pockets of bacteria to occur which over a long period of time can result in more serious infection which can lead to the loss of bone and gum tissue.

The treatment of periodontitis helps to prevent further damage by cleansing the pockets of bacteria. A patient with periodontitis in which the gaps which are less than 4mm deep may be treated with a session of root planing and scaling, complemented by a course of antibiotics.

If you don’t maintain good oral hygiene yourself at home, treatment in a dental clinic is often needed. Bacteria and tartar can be removed from the surface of the tooth and between the gums by a dentist or dental hygienist using an ultrasonic scaler and dental hand tools. The surface of the root is made smooth by removing the tartar and the root planning helps prevents an additional build up of tartar. A course of antibiotics may also be prescribed by your dentist to help fight the bacterial infection.

Modern developments in the treatment with topical antibiotics may be used instead of traditional antibiotics which are taken orally. This has the benefit of reducing unpleasant side-effects and also prevents bacteria developing a resistance to antibiotics. Some of the topical antibiotics include the application of gels or crystals into the pockets or between the gum and tooth following a cleaning procedure in the dental surgery. Such treatments can reduce the level of bacterial and help prevent further future problems.

If the periodontitis is very advanced - with the gap between the tooth and gum being deeper then 4mm - such techniques as described above may not be effective and oral surgical treatment may be required.

We recommend the Waterpik for the maintenance of good oral hygiene.

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